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Founded by the distinguished Dr. Priyansh Patel, an alumnus of Medical College Baroda and a luminary in the medical research community, The Space Research Initiative stands at the forefront of medical and nonmedical Research. Dr. Patel, as the Associate Editor for the Cureus Journal of Medical Science and an esteemed member of the editorial board for BioRes Scientia Journals, brings a wealth of expertise, underscored by numerous publications in PubMed-indexed journals and significant contributions to national and international conferences. His proficiency in statistical analysis and research writing, paired with his role as a peer-reviewer for renowned journals, imbues The Space Research Initiative with a robust academic foundation. Our workshops, meticulously designed to produce scholarly literature reviews, offer budding researchers the mentorship and tools to publish their work, fostering a new generation of thought leaders in the scientific community.

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Mission & Values

Our mission at The Space RI is to cultivate a rigorous academic environment that empowers aspiring researchers under Dr. Priyansh Patel’s mentorship, while our vision is to set a global benchmark for excellence in medical and nonmedical scholarly pursuits

We envision The Space RI as a cradle of innovation and academic excellence, where rigorous research and collaborative learning craft the pioneers who will lead global healthcare and scientific discourse.

At The Space RI, we are dedicated to nurturing the next wave of researchers by providing an immersive research education, guided by the seasoned expertise of our founder, Dr. Priyansh Patel.

Integrity in research, excellence in mentorship, and a commitment to scholarly contribution define our core values, driving us to foster a community where education translates into impactful real-world applications.

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