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Founded by the distinguished Dr. Priyansh Patel, an alumnus of Medical College Baroda and a luminary in the medical research community, The Space stands at the forefront of medical and research education. Dr. Patel, as the Associate Editor for the Cureus Journal of Medical Science and an esteemed member of the editorial board for BioRes Scientia Journals, brings a wealth of expertise, underscored by numerous publications in PubMed-indexed journals and significant contributions to national and international conferences…….

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Student Experience

Dr. Ankitha Sivanand Bhaskar Medical College, Hyderabad

I had zero idea about research and publications and I was looking for someone who could teach me everything from the basics of research to how to get it published. I was lucky enough to come across The Space Research Initiative. Dr. Priyansh was very helpful and provided great insights into the research world. He taught us every single detail and answered our doubts from time to time. It was a very smooth process and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I would definitely be joining another program with them and I would totally recommend everyone to do so!

Dr. Chinmay Gohel M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar

Really good experience as a beginner when it comes to research, Dr Priyansh taught everything right from the basics as well as the relevant information regarding the research topic. Highly recommended

Dr. Sahibjot Kaur Shri Guru Ramdas College of Medical Sciences, Amritsar

My experience with the team was wonderful. They help you from deciding the topic to publication and give u the perfect mentorship and confidence for future papers as well. Not only this, its perfect to build connections with people of USMLE. Loved my team and made friends too!

Dr. Nidhi Dubey B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad

Good Mentorship

Dr. Durva Talati Government Medical College, Surat

I'm a third-year medical student from Government Medical College Surat and I cannot express enough gratitude for The Space Research Initiative and the guidance Dr. Priyansh Patel provided. Their expertise in research article writing is tremendous. We have been taught everything step by step, from topic selection to methodology and formulating the final article, and that too within significantly brief time.  Thanks to his mentorship, I now have the knowledge to produce high-quality papers that are most likely to be published which could enhance my CV. I highly recommend his guidance to any aspiring medical student.

Dr. Hamsa Priya Bhuchakra. Apollo Institute of Medical Science and Research, Hyderabad

The Space RI has been a great platform since the start!!! I've got to be a part of one of the first literature reviews. They follow a clear cut approach to research, they are patient enough, allow space for new ideas & inputs, and i like how they hype the members up at every step of the process. I would love to join them again!

Dr. Rishabh Salian Kastrurba Medical College, Manglore

Taking part in the research course by The Space RI has been a transformative experience for me. As a student eager to delve deeper in the field of research, the 4-week course has provided me with valuable opportunities to explore new ideas, enhance my critical thinking skills, and gain practical knowledge in conducting research. From the very beginning, the research course challenged me to think outside the box. The course content was designed to expose students to various research methodologies, and database search tools. This comprehensive approach enabled me to develop a holistic understanding of the research process, from formulating a research question to presenting the findings. One of the most rewarding aspects of the research course was the opportunity to work closely with my peers and faculty members. Collaborative projects and group discussions allowed us to exchange ideas, and learn from each other's experiences. Every step required careful attention to detail. Additionally, the research course provided ample opportunities for me to receive feedback from my peers and instructors.  Overall, the research course has been an invaluable experience that has equipped me with essential skills. I am confident that the lessons learned, and the experiences gained throughout this course will continue to shape my future endeavors as a researcher and publish quality papers in the future.

Dr. Ralph Kingsford Rohit Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana

A great initiative by Dr Priyansh to help fellow IMGs interested in research. Thanks to Dr. Priyansh's excellent mentorship, I learned the basics of research methodology and gave me more insight on research writing and perfecting a research paper.

Dr. Prathama Dave Baroda Medical College.

This is a great initiative by Dr. Priyansh for all the research enthusiasts. All the information starting from the basics of research , how to collect data, analyse and plagiarism check, and assistance for publishing the paper was provided. The live lectures were very interactive and also they were always available for solving any doubts we encountered during the process and helped us identify the areas for improvement. We were also encouraged to share ideas with each other and hence fostering the idea of collaborative learning. It helped me build a strong foundation in research methodologies and skills.

Dr. Parth Bajoria GMERS, Gandhinagar

I had the privilege of working under Dr. Priyansh’s guidance, who is an exceptional mentor and a very approachable person too. For someone like me who was very research-naive, I’m delighted to say I can now work solo on an article. Publications are always in PubMed-indexed journals!! Overall, awesome experience! Highly recommended!


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Delve into The Space RI’s curated selection of courses where medical expertise meets a breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge. Under the guidance of Dr. Priyansh Patel, our courses range from intensive research workshops to comprehensive nonmedical programs, all designed to challenge and expand your intellectual horizons. Engage in collaborative learning, gain hands-on research experience, and emerge as a leader ready to excel in both academic and professional settings. Join us to transform your curiosity into mastery and your ambitions into achievements.


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